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     Our team of mathematicians can perform for you a large range of probability calculations for computing numerical probabilities (odds) for any game. You can request general probabilities related to a specific game or specific probabilities related to gaming events, no matter how complex.  

To request probability calculations, send us a message with the subject "calculation request" from the contact page.

For best results and fastest answer, please submit to the following guidelines when requesting a calculation:
     - state your problem clearly, using as many details as possible;
     - for games that are not well known, include the complete set of rules of that game or a link to the rules;
     - to avoid confusion, include specific concrete examples with your problems;
     - do not use the jargon specific to a game, but describe the gaming situations in common speech.

Upon receiving your problem(s), we will respond with any questions we may have regarding your hypotheses and requests.  When all these issues have been resolved, we will send you an estimate of the time required and the total cost for the solutions for your problem(s).

The fee for this service is $39 per worked hour (calculations and editing the final document), billed in half hour increments.

The final document you will receive after the work is done will contain the numerical result for each requested probability, along with the basic algorithm for solving the problem. This algorithm will allow you to follow the returned solution and see how the theory was applied.

Our team can conceive and edit for you specialty articles (in gambling mathematics field, with topic per your request) to be posted in gambling websites and magazines. The same fee of $39 per worked hour applies. To request an article, send us a message with the subject "article request" from the contact page.

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