Dr. Catalin Barboianu

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Dr. Cătălin Bărboianu (PhD, MSc, BSc)

Date of birth: 22.02.1968



Mathematician and philosopher of science and mathematics.

Researcher and expert in the following areas: pure and applied mathematics (discrete mathematics, probability theory, gaming mathematics), cognitive psychology (problem gambling), philosophy of education, education sciences, (science and mathematics education), philosophy of science and mathematics, epistemology, philosophy of language.

- Former teacher of mathematics.
- Associate researcher at University of Bucharest.
- Editor-in-chief at Infarom, PhilScience Press.
- Founder of PhilScience.
- Consultant for the mathematical aspects of games of chance for the gaming industry and problem-gambling institutions.

Publications: author of 12 books in school and applied mathematics (of which 8 books on mathematics of gambling), philosophy of science and mathematics; author of 15 research articles in reputed journals and several articles in specialty publications; designer of 4 projects of interdisciplinary research.


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