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We take care of your gambling/casino website.


We offer the gambling and casino websites the opportunity to connect with our research, publications, expertise, and reputation.
Our mission is to expose the mathematical facts of games and gambling to the general public, increase awareness in responsible gambling, and improve the way games and gambling are described and promoted by websites.
We run programs that connect the gambling industry and the academic realm of gambling studies, and we provide integrated expert content and SEO services by which your website (affiliate, casino, operator, or gambling portal) can grow quickly in Google ranking, authority, and quality.
Join us to benefit through these opportunities and thrive in the tough competition of gambling web presence. You may choose from various services and pricing plans, according to your needs and budget:

1. Full academic link package
Your website can participate in our GamMathQA research project, being reviewed and listed (with homepage link and brief description, in gambling-studies context) in the technical reports that we publish regularly on the academic channels.

2. Reduced academic link package
For lower budgets, this package offers links in a review report that is published on academic channels, as in the full academic link package, with some limitations.

3. Journal research article link
An article on your website will be cited in the references list (with do-follow hyperlink) of a future gambling-studies journal issue published by Springer or Taylor & Francis gambling-studies journal.

4. Article link package
You can get text links in the articles we publish on our website and on other three authoritative sites.

5. Expert content, review, and link
With this service you get expert, non-exclusive content for your websites (written by Dr. Barboianu), two reviews annually with suggestions for improving content, and a link from our website.

6. In-text links
We provide a limited number of in-text links on our website in the gambling-math and articles pages.

7. Unique expert content
Dr. Barboianu can write unique (exclusive) expert content for your website in the form of articles, guides, and questions & answers. Topics span gambling math, strategy, and responsible gambling.

If you are interested in any of these services, write us at info[at] or info[at] to request our brochure with full details and pricing.

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