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Mathematics is strongly connected to gambling through the mathematical models underlying any game of chance. Games of chance are developed structurally and physically around abstract mathematical models, which are their mere essence and represent the premises of their functionality. Mathematics is reflected not only in games’ design/characteristics and their outcomes, but also in gamblers’ perception and knowledge of the mathematics-related facts of gambling – which influence their gambling behavior. This is why prevention and treatment of problem gambling – in whatever degree of severity – can benefit essentially from the contribution of expert counseling on the mathematical aspects of the games and gambling activity, which the gambling counselor cannot provide with his/her psychological expertise only.

This counseling service is not about teaching the math of gambling, which you can learn through our online course, but to steer you toward the healthy track of responsible gambling with the help of mathematical concepts. This service applies findings of the latest interdisciplinary research on problem gambling prevention and treatment. Whatever is your preferred game, our counseling aims at stopping you from losing money and precious time, and helping you to resolve your gambling addiction, through strategies such as these:

- Correcting math-related fallacies, misconceptions, and subjective interpretations of the gambling concepts.

- Awareness about probability/odds and all the numerical measurements related to gambling, including what they are, how they are reflected in the real life, and how trust in them should be understood.

- The ability to make the right choices in mathematically-describable gaming situations.

We can discuss anything gambling related, and we’ll try together to deal with the situation in your favor. We can also discuss strategy and optimal play; however, keep in mind that this is not  ”how-to-win” counseling, simply because such thing does not exist in gambling mathematics. Also bear in mind that this counseling is not sufficient for some forms of pathological gambling. That addiction can be dealt with only in conjunction with medical-psychological counseling and/or therapy.

Problem-gambling mathematics counseling is provided (online only) by Dr. Catalin Barboianu, gaming mathematician and problem-gambling expert, and consists of e-mail correspondence and dialogue. The consultation fee is $35 per hour spent working by the counselor.

Other expert counselors (currently in training) will be listed on our website at a further date.

The correction of gambling cognitive distortions can be effective only with a personalized scheme of counseling, according to individual’s cognitive profile. This profile is assigned through a questionnaire that identifies the individual’s conceptual framework with respect to gambling mathematics and mathematically-related gambling cognitive distortions. You may fill in this questionnaire and request the interpretation of your answers even if you do not choose to receive gambling-mathematics counseling. The interpretation will provide information about your possible mathematically-related gambling misconceptions, erroneous beliefs and fallacies, your predisposition and risk to develop a harmful gambling behavior due to those factors, and what can be done to correct them. Click here for downloading the questionnaire. You may request the interpretation of your answers to this questionnaire by sending it attached to orders[at] with the subject line 'questionnaire interpretation'.

To request a counseling session, please download the form below, fill in your data, and send it attached to orders[at], with the subject ‘problem gambling math counseling’. You should start by telling the counselor how you feel and what your main concerns are about your gambling activity.

All sessions are confidential, and we won’t distribute or post them anywhere, not even partially. We respect your privacy, so if you prefer to stay anonymous during the counseling sessions, you can do that. Just fill in the registration form using a fictional name or nickname. All we need is your real e-mail address to communicate with you.


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