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     Gaming-math and responsible-gambling expert certification

Gambling websites are quite popular nowadays, and their number is growing at an unbelievable rate, whether we talk about online casinos or sites providing information on the phenomenon of gambling. Such growth inevitably results in intense competition among these sites. They have to struggle not only for better placement in the search engine results, but also with all kind of variable regulations and – not the least – for the confidence of their users. This competition is  the reason that, for such websites, attaining a SEO performance is not enough. They also have to gain in reputation.

Infarom’s Division of Applied Mathematics offers the service of gaming-math and responsible-gambling expert certification for gambling websites. This certification consists of having your indicated webpages reviewed and corrected with respect to the accuracy of the gaming mathematics exposed or applied, such accuracy reflected in the recommendations you make to your readers, and the conceptual adequacy and ethics of the information you provide, in order to comply with a responsible-gambling attitude as a provider of information and/or gaming. These goals are attained through the following processes:

- Checking and correcting the text for consistency with the mathematical descriptions
- Checking the text generally for conceptual adequacy and language;
- Checking and correcting the text with respect to the mathematical models of the games and to the relation between these models and the gambling strategies presented;
- Inserting clarifications (including brief definitions where
needed) for the gaming terms expressing mathematically-grounded concepts;
- Suggesting insertions of mathematical facts and figures to support the arguments;
- Checking and repairing the argument linkages where broken;
- Checking and correcting the language and information that might fuel what in problem-gambling psychology are called ‘gambling misconceptions and fallacies’, which are grounded in mathematical concepts not properly understood.

The text is returned with full comments, explanations, and suggestions for rephrasing and insertions.

The main work and certification is provided by our leading expert, Dr. Catalin Barboianu, a worldwide recognized authority in gaming mathematics. Once your webpage has undergone this expert certification, you are allowed to place in that page a certification box, containing the name of the expert that did the review and (if desired) a brief bio of that individual.

Websites that have undergone our expert certification will be listed in the reviewed-websites page in our website.

Fee depends on the length and complexity of the text and in particular on the amount of calculation and other mathematical work performed in background for the review.

For a certification request, e-mail us with details at comenzi [at] (subject "expert certification request").


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